Lifestages Coaching
What Is "Lifestages Coaching"?
The name "Lifestages Coaching" comes from the idea that we all go through various stages in our lives. For example, we are children, then adolescents, then single adults, then married, have children of our own, then we are without children again and sometimes we end up single adults again. With each stage comes normal life stage questions.
Questions like:
"How do I can I help my child cope with other children or school?"
"How do I find the right person for me to marry?"
"What can I do to have a happy marriage and family?"
"How do I go on with my life after my children and/or spouse are gone?"
Lifestages Coaching is designed to meet the needs of people who have questions like these or issues which may not be covered by their insurance plan. Insurance coverage is usually based on "medical necessity." That means your issue must be able to be diagnosed according to the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition" (DSM-V), published by the American Psychiatric Association. If your issue does not meet the criteria in this manual then your insurance company may not pay for counseling for it. (In addition there are also certain problems which can be diagnosed which may still not be covered.) Or you may not have any insurance at this time. For these situations there is Lifestages Coaching.
What are the advantages of using Lifestages Coaching?
No Formal Diagnosis Required:
Because Lifestages Coaching does not need to meet the criteria of being "medically necessary" no psychiatric diagnosis is needed.
Maximum Confidentiality is Assured:
With Lifestages Coaching no information about your case is sent to the insurance company. Therefore there is no psychiatric diagnosis, no session notes nor any reports that are filed with anyone. Your information remains locked in a secure file in the coaching office with no outside access. The information will only be released if you want it to be released to the people you designate.
There is No Limit to the Number of Times You can Attend a Coaching Session:
You can set up as many sessions as you like without needing to get approval from anyone. You are in charge of how many sessions and how frequently you want to come in a given period of time.
Telehealth (Virtual sessions) are avaiable:
To make Lifestages Coaching as convenient as possible the sessions are now done via Telehealth. The sessions may be conducted from anywhere to our office.
The Cost is Very Affordable:
Lisestages Coaching is designed to be affordable to the average person so that quality counseling can be made available to as many people as possible. Because the requirements of Lifestages Coaching are much less involved that other forms of help, the cost can be kept very low. For your convenience, you can pay with a major credit card, personal check or debit card.

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